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Organic cotton

Conventional cotton farming is not good for people neither for the planet. Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world where some of the most toxic chemicals are used. On the contrary, organic agriculture uses 50% less energy and reduces water pollution by 75%. It takes carbon out of our atmosphere and puts it back in the soil leaving the land healthier and reducing global warming. The chemicals sprayed on cotton are some of the most hazardous. According to the World Health Organization, 20.000 people die each year in developing countries as a result of the chemicals sprayed on conventionally grown cotton.

Organic cotton is the only right answer to these problems!

Bo Weevil
Bo Weevil is a Dutch wholesale company with a large range of great basic fabrics. Lovely knitted fabrics, like (stretch) jerseys, interlock, sweater and velour. But also great wovens, such as canvas, denim, flannel, poplin and terry. We work closely together with Bo Weevil and we take care of all the small yardages of the Bo Weevil fabrics. Whole rolls can be purchased directly at Bo Weevil. This cooperation results into lower prices and a larger fabric range that is available from our stock. Check out the Bo Weevil fabric collection on this page!

Bo Weevil has been at the base of certified organic cotton and has made an important contribution to a more sustainable world. Now, over 30 years later, they still continue to contribute by increasing the availability and accessibility of organic cotton.  Easy to obtain, fashionable and affordable. Besides the supply of fabrics, they also have wellness items, like bathrobes and towels, but also bags and clothing. Besides, it is also possible to let Bo Weevil manage the production of your collection. Off course, all their products are GOTS-certified.

For more information, check: www.boweevil.nl

Harmony Art
Harmony is an American designer who designs and produces beautiful organic cotton fabrics. She is very committed to preserving the environment and tries to reach the world through her great designs. She is a wonderful person to work with and committed to this cause with her heart and soul.

She succeeds to translate the design of nature into beautiful fabrics. The sateens are lovely; very soft, smooth and supple. The twills are more firm but also smooth. The denim is rough and firm, just like it should. The interlock is nice thick and soft, all your skin ever wants. All fabrics have one thing in common: beautiful design and great quality!

For more information on Harmony Art and her great designs: www.harmonyart.com

Daisy Janie
Daisy Janie offers organic cotton fabrics, printed with modern, original designs by owner Jan DiCintio. They have a mid-weight feel while maintaining a soft hand, drape and luster - perfect for hobby and home. We love the fact that all fabrics in a collection can be combined together, it gives you endless inspiration for using them. Some of the colors also match Harmony Art fabric, organic fusion!

Daisy Janie's wholesale organic fabric collections are produced with cotton that has been grown, harvested, processed and woven according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Low-impact dyes and pigments used in printing, and finishing methods used for softness and luster, are also in accordance with the GOTS. As such, the fiber, fabric and printing are all GOTS-Certified. In addition, the fabric is produced in a Fair Trade Certified facility.

For more information about the Daisy Janie fabrics: www.daisyjanie.com

How to treat organic fabrics?
Organic fabrics can be treated like conventional fabrics and will often have similar reaction to treatments. However we do advise to treat organic fabrics gently. Wash in lukewarm water using an eco-friendly detergent and for environmental reasons we suggest hang drying.

All fabrics can shrink some. All printed/dyed fabrics (organic or conventional) can fade, the darker the fabric the more noticeable this will be.

We highly recommend you to test all the fabrics you plan to use before cutting and sewing for production to make sure they will work for your needs.